In addition to a wide range of furnishings, our warehouse is also home to antiques in different styles from various periods: carved mirrors, old books, still-life paintings, prints of Tuscan landscapes, carved frames and friezes, terracotta busts of prominent people, ceramics and majolica. Such a variety of antiques that, together with the furniture, offer glimpses of the past.

Antique ceramics make up an important part of our assortment, especially those from the Manifattura delle Fornaci di San Lorenzo founded in 1906 by Galileo Chini, artistic director, and his cousin Chino Chini, technical director. Manifattura Chini was active in the first half of the twentieth century and was one of the most important Liberty ceramic and stained glass factories in Italy. Its relationship with the territory was so important that products featured a stylized grill symbolizing the martyrdom of San Lorenzo, patron saint of the town. Stoneware vases, refined majolica often characterized by a metal luster finish and decorative panels, are one of the many wonders that you can admire in our warehouse.