The charm of antique furniture lies in its uniqueness and history: its patinas and fittings, slight imperfections, cracks in the wood, the original, still-visible stucco, its precise joints and construction features, and its durability. We are constantly seeking out antique and unique furniture so as to be able to offer our discerning customers an exclusive choice.

The world of antiques is vast and our business revolves mainly around furniture and items ranging from the 17th to the 19th century, with a particular fondness for simple Tuscan furniture. Our warehouse contains an ample selection of antique furniture including: wardrobes, corner cabinets, chests, chests of drawers, sideboards, dressers, bedside tables, bookcases, madie (dough rising sideboard), tables, doors, armchairs, chairs and china cabinets. Walnut or mahogany furniture, sometimes embellished with inlays, mingle with pieces made from less prestigious woods such as fir or poplar and decorated or painted using chalk powder, albumin and natural pigments, colors that manage to astound us with their strength and intensity despite the passage of time. 


Each antique piece of furniture is unique and inimitable, such that you will never find an identical one. Under our cross-vaulted ceiling you can also uncover furniture from France or Spain, Emilia or Umbria, all perfect for styling farmhouses, country homes, villas or city flats, furnishings that have a strong personality, where small imperfections add value as they testify to the passage of time.

There are antique pieces that maintain their original, unaltered beauty, passing through centuries unscathed, while others require care: simple cleaning, polishing or reinforcing. In our workshop we respect the history of the patinas and lacquers, and we bring out the spirit of each object, before delivering it to your home.