Over the years, we’ve created for our customers reproductions of classic bookcases, shelves, wine cabinets, chairs and armchairs using antiques as a reference.

Specific work is required for each customer: we start by assessing the size and space of the area where the furniture will be placed as well as surrounding color shades, and then we decide on the most suitable piece and hue, and whether to use wax or lacquer for the finish. Our reproductions of classics are entirely handcrafted using old or recycled wood (mainly poplar and fir) which is often acquired from old beams. Antique wood has important characteristics: from a technical point of view it’s more robust and stable while aesthetically with the signs of aging preserved, it is more elegant and its personality shines through. After careful selection, the piece is treated with woodworm protection and fungicide and then stuccoed, where necessary.

The wood is subsequently worked by hand, carefully planed and sanded, cut to size and then finally assembled. Even the frames, as per tradition, are entirely handmade without the aid of machinery; we use planers and jack-planes that allow us to create unique shapes, dictated by the qualities of the wood and by the person who works it. There are no two identical pieces; the wood has its own personality just as each hand has its own calligraphy. Wood is defined as a living material, and in fact it has its own character, and only by knowing and respecting it, by following the veins and paying special attention to the knots, can frames, carvings, notches and joints be made.

When reproducing classics throughout all the processing phases we use natural products like shellac, wax and, rabbit glue, albumin, chalk powder and tempera for lacquering.

The Margheri family’s extensive experience lends itself to creating beautiful, well-built furniture, designed to last and grow older with our customers. Our woodworking knowledge and expertise allows us to find the most suitable solution to address various needs. Infinite adjustments in size, color, and lacquer can be offered for all our reproductions.